25 Ways To Use Your Health Coaching Qualification

25 ways to use your health coaching qualification

Is Health Coaching For You?

So your thinking of becoming a Health Coach but are not sure how you may be able to use this qualification to develop your career or are curious as to what else you can do with your certification. Here are 25 ways in which you can use your Health Coaching Qualification to grow your own brand/business. The options are however not limited to this list and I’m sure there are hundreds of different ways in which you can use it to fit your lifestyle or goals. So this list is just to get you started.

  1. Become Health Coach! Set up your 1:1 private coaching and see you clients face to face or online via Skype!

  2. Start a wellness lifestyle blog on your website.

  3. Host wellness workshops and classes in your local area.

  4. Write a wellness related book.

  5. Start a wellness podcast.

  6. Start your own product line or wellness brand.

  7. Open a health food store or zero waste bulk shopping store.

  8. Teach other health coaches how to grow their health coaching business.

  9. Become an editor for an online wellness publication.

  10. Start a community garden.

  11. Get involved in your local farmers market.

  12. Speak at health conferences and wellness events.

  13. Host a book club.

  14. Host a health coaches meeting in your local area.

  15. Start a YouTube channel with wellness related videos.

  16. Become a social media manager for wellness brands.

  17. Become a motivational speaker with a focus on health.

  18. Offer corporate wellness workshops in your local area.

  19. Become a healthy cook/chef or start a healthy catering business.

  20. Write wellness articles for various magazines and media companies.

  21. Work as a health coach in your local gym

  22. Partner with your local GP/MD to offer wellness services and events.

  23. Become a wellness travel blogger.

  24. Host online group programmes through your website.

  25. Set up a wellness charity and offer community services to local disadvantaged groups.

Now if you are still not sure it is for you, why not have a read of these IIN Health Coaching resources to help you decide! Click the links below to download. Or feel free to email be at: info@helenturnerhealth.com if you have any further questions about the IIN Health Coaching course.