Inspiring Story Sunday: Amazing Acupuncture

I thought it would be a great idea to start sharing some of my client stories on my blog. It's often a great way to really understand how beneficial treatment can be to some clients' lives. I had a great conversation with one of my clients last week and I thought it would be really interesting to share her story with my readers! She also wanted to encourage others to give treatments such as acupuncture a try and hopefully experience some amazing results themselves. So here it is....

It all started with a car accident, my client was hit from behind in her car whilst traveling home one day. Subsequently she sustained a moderate whiplash injury to her neck and posterior shoulders. Her insurance company dealing with the accident claim referred her to physiotherapy and thats how she ended up in my office (yes I am a Chartered Physiotherapist). I assessed her, gave her a Home Exercise Programme (HEP), advice and booked her in for a treatment session. I treated her with the standard post whiplash injury treatment protocol of exercise, postural/ergonomic advice, soft tissue massage (STM), gentle mobilisations of the spine and ultrasound to tender areas for a couple of sessions. There was some slight improvement but nothing particularly significant.

On the third session, after she had reported slight improvement but still having significant pain and stiffness, I asked the question 'How would you like to try some Acupuncture?". Now, i'm always ready for rejection with this, many people are needle phobic and don't like the idea of being stuck with multiple sharp objects. She however responded with 'I'll give anything a try if you think it will help'. I smiled and went into further detail about acupuncture, what to expect, contraindications and consent. 

I treated her neck and posterior shoulders with acupuncture for around 25 minutes and told her to continue with her HEP. The following week when she returned to my office and I asked her how it felt. She answered 'Oh it felt amazing! The pain disappeared completely for the first few days and I slept loads better', the pain had started to come back slightly which was to be expected, so we continued with a few more sessions of acupuncture, each time she had a better result and after about a month the pain and stiffness had pretty much gone completely. Excellent!

Now, the interesting part for me was when I saw here again last week. It was more of a check up to see how things were going and if the pain had returned. It had been about a month since her last acupuncture session and she was doing very well. But what she really wanted to tell me was that she had quit smoking! I was surprised and quickly tried to rack my brain to remember if this was something we had talked about previously, I knew she smoked but we had never discussed quitting?! So, I said congratulations and asked how it was going. She excitedly told me that because of the great reaction to the acupuncture for pain relief she decided to get the acupuncture auricular implant in her right ear. This was something she looked into herself and booked. She had had the implant in for one month, had not had a cigarette, had not had one craving and even more surprisingly she had been able to go out socially with her friends, who were smoking and drinking around her and  she did not feel like she wanted one! She also reported feeling healthier already from giving up for just a month. 

Sometimes you don't know how an interaction with someone may change someones life in a positive and healthier way. Now, I don't feel like taking any credit for this, she was the one who agreed to the treatment for her pain, and I had no involvement in suggesting she give the acupuncture implant a try, that was all my client, but maybe I planted a little seed that made her stop and think about it. She also mentioned before she left my office that she was thinking of saving the money she would normally have spent on cigarettes to possibly try some acupuncture for fertility treatment (she already had one IVF child and there is no government funding for a second so further IVF would have to be paid for and its very expensive!). I can only wish her the best with the continuation of living a healthier life, and maybe seeking fertility treatment in a less expensive, more natural way. I did ask her to keep me updated if she does try it in the future! 

Sometimes you just have to step outside the box and try something never know how it may change your life!

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Mother's Day to those countries celebrating today!



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