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TOP 10: Things You Need To Know About Your Own Health.

After working in health-care for over ten years, I am still always surprised by how few people actually know the basics about their own health. Much of this information can be found out easily with no cost, but still most clients who walk through my door have no idea of simple aspects of their health, such as how much they weigh or their resting heart rate. 

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Bloggers Back: The Back Pain Epidemic

'Bloggers Back', otherwise known as 'Text Neck' are keeping physiotherapists in business but the full scale of the problem is not yet known. The terms are used to describe neck or back pain sustained from looking down at your phone, iPad or laptop screen too frequently or for too long. These repetitive activities done every day can wear down the spine, however often people don't develop serious problems until much further down the line.

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The Advantages of choosing an Online Health Coach

We live in a world where time is money. So why waste time traveling to an appointment when you don't have to? I find I actually get better results from the clients I coach online vs those I coach face to face. Sometimes people think the online coaching lacks the personal touch but I couldn't disagree more. Normally when starting with a new client, the first session may be a video call rather than voice call. This is so that the client has an opportunity to see me in person rather than just hear a voice. With subsequent sessions I tend to prefer to keep them to voice calls only, but it is really up to the client and their wishes, I'm happy with either.

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My New Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat, Handmade From Cork!

Cork yoga mat?

This lovely handmade cork yoga mat is my latest sustainable find in Amsterdam. I had never seen a yoga mat made from cork before and was surprised by how flexible the material was. Also, it is100% natural and the cork is collected and used in an environmentally friendly way, reducing the need for plastic or artificially made mats and other items. The mat is so soft to lie on and is non-slip, without that feeling of being 'stuck' that some yoga mats have. You can also spray your mat with water for some extra grip during your workout.

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Yuyu Bottle: A Necessity To Survive The Winter!

Most of us know what a standard hot water bottle looks like, not much had changed with them in the last 50 years until now! Let me introduce you to the Yuyu Bottle, the world's first long hot water bottle. This unique design is way more functional that and standard bottle and can be wrapped around you stomach, back or neck depending on your needs. Also it can warm the full length of your bed rather than just one small area.

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Get your business in shape: Corporate Wellness Seminars available in Amsterdam

Does Your Business Need A Health Boost?

Having a healthy and happy group of employees can make a vast difference to the success and functioning of a business. Do you think your business could do with a health boost this year? 

Workplace Sickness

Want to reduce workplace sickness in your office? Encouraging your staff to live a healthier life can make a big different in the amount of sick time your employees take. Sickness can be taken for many reasons.

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Asquith: The Luxury Activewear Brand From London Now Stocked At Infnti Amsterdam

Asquith are a London based activewear brand that want you to feel good on the inside and out. Established in 2002, they are an eco-conscious company using only the best quality bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, which are chemical free and sustainably produced. The fabrics have to feel great not just look great on your skin! The fabrics also allow your skin to breathe and don't fade, stretch or bobble after wearing and washing. Their AW16 collection was inspired by the 1970's Disco era, with the colours Disco Orange and Lemonade being featured on some of the items.  

Asquith create yoga and Pilates collections that can also be worn as everyday wear,whether at home, out to lunch or going shopping. All items are made in a family-run factory in Turkey, with with paid holidays and standard working hours. 

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