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Top 10 Tips To Survive Your Period In A Healthy Way

Is it possible to have a less painful period?

Yes, it's my time of the month, so I thought I would share some of my personal tips for making it more bearable. Hope this helps a bit ladies! Try and stay away from the pain killers and other medications as much as you can!

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    The Use Of Kinesio Tape Following Surgery

    I've been using Kinesio Tape for a long time now and have found some pretty good uses for it. One of them is to improve tissue healing post surgery. As a Physiotherapist I mainly used it to treat my clients following surgeries such as: Total Hip Replacement (THR), Total Knee Replacement (THR), ACL Repairs, Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Ankle Ligament Repairs and various Lumbar Spine surgeries. 

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    Acupuncture And The Treatment Of Migraines

    There is significant research that had been conducted to show that acupuncture can be helpful with treating migraine frequency, severity and associated symptoms. Large, randomised controlled clinical trials involving several thousand patients have now been conducted, funded by German health insurance companies. These studies have compared acupuncture with standard treatment (drugs and advice given by physicians) and demonstrate persistent and clinically relevant benefits under real-life conditions and equivalence to specialist drug management. 

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