Chocolate Rocks: A Unique Chocolate Experience From Amsterdam.

Chocolate Rocks?

So here is something new, chocolates that look like different types of geological rocks! The idea was created by Product Designer Michal and Chef Borch who combined their areas of expertise and came up with these delicious creations. Made from dark chocolate and other interesting ingredients such as coconut, turmeric, pumpkin, beetroot, Spirulina, red cabbage, Hibiscus and more. The colours in the 'rocks' are created by dried fruits and vegetables and are added in irregular layers to create realistic looking chocolate rocks.

Michal and Borch made the chocolate moulds from actual rocks they have collected on their travels around the world, this brings a personal touch to each of the rocks that you wont find anywhere else. Their motto 'An Experience That Starts With Shape and Results In Taste' shows their quest to find something unique both visually and in taste. 

Do you live in Amsterdam and are hosting an event or party? Why not order some Chocolate Rocks, they make a great talking point and a great table decoration! 

Where can I get them?

Chocolate Rocks can be ordered online via their website or purchased in Restored - a concept store on the Haarlemmerdijk, Amsterdam. Or email them at: Go check out their colourful Instagram account @chocolaterocks_