Cleanse Time: My 5 Day Cleanse with Juice By Nature.


I decided to start my 5 day cleanse after a self-indulgent weekend trip to Berlin. I had consumed many things I would not normally and was in need of a cleanse post trip! I picked the 'Lean and Green' package which consisted of the juices below, as well as some packets of mixed nuts and detox tea bags. 

Cleanses are useful for flushing toxins built up in the body, reducing caffeine and other food cravings and boosting energy levels. During this cleanse I was encourages to eat raw fruits and vegetables and not consume caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy or carbs such as bread, pasta and rice. 


Lean and Green 5 Day Cleanse

Day 1. Easy Greens & Beet Treat Cold Pressed Juices, Lemon H20 cleanse tonic and Ginger Repair power shot.

Day 2. Daily Fix & Extreme Greens Cold Pressed Juices, Ginger H20 cleanse tonic and Beet Booster power shot.

Day 3. Easy Greens & Extreme Greens Cold Pressed Juices, Lemon H20 cleanse tonic and Turmeric Defence power shot.

Day 4. Ginger Glow & Easy Greens Cold Pressed Juices, Turmeric H20 cleanse tonic and Leafy Greens power shot.

Day 5. Extreme Greens & Easy Greens Cold Pressed Juices, Lemon H20 cleanse tonic and Aloe Pure power shot.

How I Found My Cleanse?

I actually found the first day the most challenging and it got progressively easier each day. My cravings for carbs reduced by Day 3 and I felt like I had an energy boost and better quality of sleep. I supplemented my cleanse with a variety of raw veg and the nuts provided. Dinner time was the hardest part for me as this is when I usually eat more carbs.  After the cleanse had finished I had less cravings for sugar or carbs. A much recommended health boost after all the naughty things we have been eating in this celebration month.  My favourites were the Extreme Greens cold pressed juice, the Turmeric H20 cleanse tonic and the Aloe Pure power shot.

About Juice By Nature - 'Making Healthy Delicious'

This new Juice Bar and healthy food cafe on Warmoesstraat offers a range of healthy juices, bites to eat and cleanses ranging from 1-5 days. Founded by two health conscious women wanting to offer juice that stimulates the tastebuds and elicits an enjoyable experience as well as operating in an eco-friendly way as possible. The juices are sold in glass bottles that can be returned to Juice by Nature to be cleaned and re-used or recycled with your regular glass. 

You can also receive 10% discount on your cleanse if you cleanse with a friend, so get calling your friends!

Opening Hours:

Monday: 11:00 - 20.00
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00


Warmoesstraat 108
Amsterdam 1012 JJ




So, if you are in the area, go have a try of Juice By Nature's tasty juices or a healthy bite to eat! (They also deliver if needed).