Find your 'Inner Yogi' with Zalando this 2017.

So like me did you set a New Years Resolution to start or improve your yoga skills this 2017? If you did, how is it going? Do you need some help and advice or some yoga appropriate clothing? Look no further than Zalando for all your yoga needs!

Starting yoga can be hard, it often reminds me of my weaknesses and the parts of my body that I know I should pay more attention too. Like my hamstrings for instance, they have been a constant issue for me since being a young child attempting to do the splits in my gymnastics class, it just wasn't going to happen however hard I tried. But the benefits of yoga are so great and I know it's something I should spend more time doing. Maybe try to find a friend to motivate you, or someone you can go to a class with. It always helps to have someone to laugh at at the back of the class!

There are many great yoga poses and its about finding the ones that benefit your body the most. The pigeon pose is my favourite and one I can actually do! I find it really helps to open my hips and I always try to finish my leg workout in the gym with this pose. 

Zalando have posted yoga videos for you beginners to try, styling tips for what to wear to your yoga class, and interviews with some top yoga experts! Why not head over to their 'We Love Yoga' page and check it out?

Why not check out some of the yoga videos with Annie Clarke here. 

Zalando has all your yoga needs covered from clothing, accessories and tips! Now go and find your inner yogi..... Soon you will see me posting headstand pictures on my Instagram!