Natural Home: Why not add some beautiful nature photography to your home?


About Foto Factory

Foto Factory is a concept created by Martin Bay and Maria Rosendal, with the desire to bring some beautiful images of Danish and Scottish nature into your home. They both have a passion for photography and nature and try to capture special moments without needing to edit the images a great deal, in order to produce a captivating image. Their studio is based in Copenhagen, where you can view their range of work or also you can view them on their website here.

Maria Rosendal

Maria always has her camera on her and feels it is a kind of meditation when taking nature pictures. She is drawn to images where you can see how man has left their imprint, be it foot prints in the sand or footpaths worn out over time in a forest. She tries to find the beauty in the small, simples things. 



Martin Bay

Martin has been interested in biology and nature since a child. As a Biologist and keen Photographer he combines the two, to create some amazing nature photographs. Most are taken in the Danish countryside but Martin and Maria have also travelled to other locations such as Scotland, Faroe Islands and around Copenhagen. Martin loves to work with the light in the cooler climates and this creates a mystical feeling in his photographs.


These pictures are a great way to add some peace and tranquility to your home, perfect for in your office or cosy space in your house. We all need a bit more nature in our lives don't we? Why not check out Foto-Factory's website to view all of their wonderful photos and posters. Or maybe you would like to be a retailer for Foto-Factory and see their pictures in your store. Just email Foto-Factory at:



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