Hair Care: How I look after my hair!

Photo by: Annelie von Ahoi

Photo by: Annelie von Ahoi

My hair....

I have to confess my hair is a bit of a talking point. More so because I seem to like to live in places without many redheads. I spent six years living on the tropical island of Bermuda, not a place where you find many redheads soaking up the sun! Get the factor 50 suncream out! And now living in Amsterdam, I still feel like more of a minority than when growing up in the UK. I'm somewhat different to the typical tall blonde Dutchie! 

Anyway, occasionally I get asked if my hair colour is natural, which surprises me as I think it's very obvious when someone has dyed red hair. I've pretty much always had long hair, the shortest it's been is probably shoulder length as a child. I have dyed it a few times, mostly highlights and lowlights, but the last time was around 6 years ago and I really noticed the difference in the health of my hair so I decided that was that. One of the plus sides of having red hair is that we rarely go grey, its more of a gradual fading as we get older, I guess I will gradually go back to the strawberry blonde that I was as a child. I have a lot of hair! And it falls out a lot, but never seems to get any less so I often joke that's where all my food goes to, growing new hair! I'm contemplating stuffing cushions with it....

Women are more prone to thinning hair as we get older which is often blamed on menopause or other hormonal irregularities, however a lot of it is just down to the frequent use of chemicals, bleaches, dyes, hairdryers, straightening irons on a daily basis. I have a few friends who have recently given up on the hair dye and decided to embrace their greys and I think they look amazing!

My Hair Care Tips

  • As my hair is wavy and more on the dry side, I only wash it about twice a week or every 3-4 days. 
  • I try to wash it in the evening and let it dry naturally rather than in the morning when I would probably have to dry it with a hair dryer.
  • Once a week (usually on a Sunday evening ) I massage coconut oil into my dry hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave for around an hour. Then I shampoo my hair twice when washing it, to remove the oil and leave to dry natually. 
  • The only time I brush my hair is prior to washing it, using a natural bristle brush to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp. When washing and conditioning my hair I run my fingers through to remove any knots.
  • Occasionally I use a diffuser on a low heat to dry my hair a bit faster. 
  • I get my hair cut 2-3 times a year only! I find that I don't get split ends as fast now I don't heat style it very often. Occasionally I do get a professional blow-dry for special events or photoshoots as needed. 
  • I use only natural shampoo and conditioner with no parabens, sulphates or propylene glycol
  • I use a dry oil on my hair to give it protection and a bit of gloss during the day and also to tame the frizz!! 


So want to look after your hair a bit better? Why not use products with less chemicals and try to reduce the frequency of the heated styling tools you use.