Handmade With Love: Magic Mala's From Manipura

Manipura Mala Helen Turner

What Is A Mala?

A lot of people are trying to find the time to meditate in their daily life. The health benefits of meditation are vast, however it's something that certainly has to be learnt. Meditation beads or Mala's can be a great tool to assist you with your meditation practice and keep you focused during your quiet time. They also make a great accessory to wear during any aspect of your daily life. Manipura Mala was created by Tati, who had a love for mala's and wanted to learn how to make them herself. The name Manipura came from the Sanskrit word for the third chakra or Solar Plexus. It is located two inches below the breastbone in the centre behind the stomach. The third chakra is the centre of personal power, the place of ego, of passions, impulses, anger and strength. It is also the centre for astral travel and astral influences, receptivity of spirit guides and for psychic development. Each mala is made up of the traditional 108 beads to help you keep count during mantra meditations.

About Manipura Mala 

Tati has been making the malas since 2015 and has mastered the art. It takes a few hours to make just one mala and she works with only the highest quality beads made by traditional techniques in various parts of the world, such as India, Bali, Brazil and Africa. Each mala is made lovingly and hopes to  spark a deep and positive change in people’s lives. Tati believes in the power of Earth’s stones to support our body, mind and help us to manifest our heart’s wishes. The beads come in all different colours and there are a variety of styles. 

Here is a short video showing how your mala can be incorporated into your daily life!

Please think about supporting as many local businesses this holiday season when you are buying gifts. Everyone loves handmade thing that can be custom made to suit. Tati is more than happy to make malas for men, women and children in many different styles. Please show Tati and Manipura Mala some support for her creative skills, you can shop her collection HERE. She ships all over the world! I love my mala and picked the stones myself, I chose some of the lava beads which are great for rubbing a small amount of essential oil to keep you relaxed and focused while wearing. 

Now, let me go and get some yoga and meditation done....