Homemade Organic Skin Scrub

So, after moving from the beautiful island of Bermuda, back to Europe (luckily during a mild winter), my skin has decided to dissaprove. It is so dry! For the past six years I have been used to such a humid climate, and now I'm having to adapt to central heating and the cold outdoors again. I needed to take action! Here is my plan of attack, I decided to make my own skin scrub!

Skin scrubs are so easy to make with a few simple ingredients that are already present in most homes. However, the majortiy of us still prefer to spend exorbitant amounts on shop bought ones instead. The average price of a store bought skin scrub (400g ) is around $30-40! You can buy your own bag of organic salt/sugar  for around $10 and will give you ten times the amount as a store bought! And with making your own, you get to choose the base oil and essential oil you mix with it!

My skin scrub is made from finely ground sea salt, but organic sugar works great also. I mixed this with olive oil for my face and coconut oil for my body (coconut oil can cause breakouts on the face) and my skin now feels so much better. After scrubbing and washing off the remaining salt, some of the oil is still present and acts as a day or night moisturizer. I avoid using creams on my face these days as I feel they tend to block my pores, but each to their own.


100g organic finely ground salt/sugar

2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil (or any other organic oil of your choice)

A few drops of your chosen essential oil (vanilla, lemon, tea tree etc.)

Mix together and voila!

Skin scrubs are such a cheap and easy way to remove dead skin and stimulate blood supply to boost collagen and lymphatic drainage. My skin feels so much better! I only exfoliate my face 1-2 times a week in order to not inflame my skin, but I use the oil alone daily for my face and body. I feel like the thin layer of oil on my skin somehow helps to keep me a bit warmer, but i'm sure that's all in my mind...

You can also add a few drops of essential oils, lemon is a good astringent for the skin and tea tree helps with acne and inflammation. Or how about getting some of these lovely Weck Jars to store your skin scrub in? Don't forget to drink plenty of water in the winter to keep your skin hydrated and flush out any toxins. Remember, when rubbing your skin, try and scrub upwards towards your groin, or towards your armpits in order to assist with lymphatic drainage.

Many of the well known cosmetic brands use microbeads in their exfoliating and toothpaste products. These have been found to do major damage to the environment and marine ecosystems. They have recently been banned in the USA (President Obama just signed a bill that bans microbeads from products such as toothpaste, soap and body wash) but are not regulated in the UK or Europe. These plastic beads (polyethylene), are too small to be filtered out of the waste water in normal filtration systems. This means they end up in lakes, rivers and the sea and are subsequently consumed by fish and animals living in these areas. Not good!

So give it a try, make your own and save yourself some money by not buying expensive man made scrubs that don't work and pollute the environment! But if you still don't feel like making your own, then here are a few brands I would recommend trying:

Enjoy your nice smooth skin!