INFNTI AMSTERDAM: Leggings for every occasion by Funky Simplicity

Helen Turner

INFNTI  - 'Where yoga meets fashion'

My favourite yoga and lifestyle store INFNTI in Amsterdam has recently started stocking a new brand of activewear by Funky Simplicity . I went down to view the range and loved the wide choice of patterns and designs! They are great for any occasion, be it relaxing in your comfy sweater at home, your weekly yoga class, brunch date with your friends or even a night out in the city. Here are some pics of some of the styles and the different ways you can wear them. 

Cosy Casual

Off-white Charcoal Cactus Leggings - These look great with any colour sweater and are very flattering for a light coloured legging due to the interesting cactus pattern. Just because it's getting cold doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be dark! Lighten it up a bit with these stylish one of a kind leggings!

Girls Night Out

These Seagreen Zebra leggings look great with your favourite pair of heels! You can wear these to work and then add a pair of heels and classy shirt and your ready for those after work drinks! They look great also with a leather jacket and some winter boots. Have an experiment with some different looks and go have some fun! They are also surprisingly warm, perfect for those colder nights to come. 

Yoga Class

How about adding some Autumnal colour to your workout wear? These Fushia Pink Purple Cactus leggings look great this season. Great for practicing your Sun Salutation or Pigeon Pose. They move with your body and and fit well around the waist without feeling restrictive. Something to brighten up these dark evenings and cloudy days.

About Funky Simplicity

"Funky Simplicity stands for quality of life; for knowing what you love and owning that".

Funky Simplicity are a fair-trade company and all garments are hand made in Bali in small family based factories that support the local community. The patterns are hand-printed using silk-screens, the pieces are then hand cut and sewn. No child labour is used in the making if Funky Simplicity garments. Their leggings are super soft and comfortable to wear. Head over to Infnti on Haarlemmerdijk to check out the full range of designs!


INFNTI Amsterdam

Located on the Haarlemmerdijk, Infnti sell a range of yoga and fashion wear, jewellery, accessories and yoga equipment. Infnti means no beginning and no end and stands for luck and endless friendship. Go stop by and have a browse at their sustainable and eco-friendly brands. On December 11th there is a Christmas Market in the Haarlemmerdijk, so a perfect time to pick up some Christmas gifts for friends and family. 

Infnti: @infnti

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 169, Amsterdam

Phone: 020 330 289

Website: or click below

Happy Shopping!