Get Frizz Free Hair And Take A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Organic Cotton Hair Towel - Helen Turner

Long Hair Problems…..

Having long wavy hair can be a pain sometimes. It takes a long time to wash and comb out all the knots and can take forever to dry. Regular bath towels (large ones) are the only size that will wrap my hair after it’s been washed but they can feel so heavy on my head and often makes my neck sore or gives me a headache. However I have now discovered hair towels by Lakeshore Dry Goods that are not only made from organic cotton but are large enough to wrap my long hair and light weight enough to not give me any aches or pains.

I have also just been on vacation to Bermuda and took my towel with me where it doubled up as a body towel for after my many swims in the sea. Such a lightweight towel is a great substitution for a heavy bulky standard beach towel! I was also happy that I could keep my suitcase a little lighter (always a bonus). The towel is also great for those with sensitive skin or skin issues and less irritating than man-made fibres.

Having a towel made of GOTS certified organic cotton is not only more environmentally friendly but also reduces the possibility of being exposed to harmful toxins or pesticides. I hope this towel lasts me a long time and saves me a lot of neck ache! Also the towel has less static and friction than a regular fluffy towel so helps to reduce frizz and keep my hair looking less wild whilst still absorbing the excess moisture. I wear mine until my hair is around 80% dry and then let if air dry for the rest.

There are lots more designs on the Lakeshore Dry Goods as well as some lovely organic cotton bags and various different sizes of hair towels, click HERE to view them. Also check out the creative ways others have been wrapping their hair on their Instagram account HERE.

There’s no excuse for a bad hair day now…