Natural Products From Femna To Help You Survive Your Period

Natural Products To Survive Your Period

Surviving Your Period The Natural Way

I have to say I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to periods, generally they are not too bad and pretty regular. I tend to just get quite tired mostly, but I find exercise always helps with any pain and I have my trusty YuYu Bottle for those moments when you just want to curl up and hibernate for a while. I've always tried to avoid taking any medications if possible, occasionally I have taken the odd paracetamol when having a busy day at work as a physio which can be draining just in itself, and you just need to get through the day without being cranky due to pain. However, I'm always on the look out for interesting natural solutions to everyday issues. I have a keen interest in plant based medicine and the use of medicinal herbs, adaptogens and tinctures to help with general health conditions. When I came across Femna on Instagram I was instantly interested in the products they were selling and wanted to give them a try. So, for the last four months I have been using the three products below during my monthly period. Have a read!

Soothing Equilibrium Bath Oil - Made with clary sage which is recommended for easing menstrual cramps due to its oestrogen like properties, and chamomile to help keep you calm and balanced. Add a few drops to your bath and just relax, maybe while sipping a cup of their menstrual tea! I loved it and when I was having bad cramps I certainly noticed significant relief for the rest of the night after a bath with the oil. 

Zero Tolercramps Tea - A mix of Silverweed, Yarrow, Lady’s Mantle, Ginger, Raspberry Leaves, Lemon Verbena, Peppermint. A very relaxing tea which tastes delicious (not one of those ones that smells great but disappointing to taste). Helps with feeling more relaxed and comfortable during your heaviest days.

Loosen Up Roll-On Oil - A great topical oil to apply directly to the site of pain and cramping. Smells great and seemed to assist with easing some of my craps. Easy to carry around with you in your bag during the day. Made with coconut oil, ginger root oil, orange peel oil, Frankincense oil and vitamin E. 

Femna believe that ailments like menstrual cramps, PMS, cycle fluctuations and menopause discomfort need not be tackled with popping pills all the time. Their range of natural alternatives is huge and effective, giving women the opportunity to feel good, naturally. They are slowly and steadily expanding our product range to meet your needs.Their oils are “cruelty free” (not tested on animals), vegan and 100% natural – there are no fillers, preservatives or chemicals added. All oils products are made in the highest quality glass from Germany and all our ingredients are freshly purchased. 98% of their herbs are organically certified. They are working hard on getting all herbs organically certified and strive for full organic certification in 2018. They also do other products for menopause, pregnancy and fertility if you want to check out there full range click HERE

So, hopefully we can all stay away from needing to take any medications or OTC painkillers before and during our periods and lets help our bodies the natural way! 

Happy Period!