The Advantages of choosing an Online Health Coach

Online Health Coach

Time waits for no-one, so make the most of yours.

We live in a world where time is money. So why waste time traveling to an appointment when you don't have to? I find I actually get better results from the clients I coach online vs those I coach face to face. Sometimes people think the online coaching lacks the personal touch but I couldn't disagree more. Normally when starting with a new client, the first session may be a video call rather than voice call. This is so that the client has an opportunity to see me in person rather than just hear a voice. With subsequent sessions I tend to prefer to keep them to voice calls only, but it is really up to the client and their wishes, I'm happy with either.

The reason I feel the online coaching works better is that not only does it save travel time, but I find that clients open up to me more online than they do in person. I think because they are in the comfort of their own home, without someone staring at them across a desk that talking about the more personal side of life becomes a bit easier. Also calls can be fitted in easier during the day and I find people are less likely to cancel or rearrange online sessions compared to the face to face sessions. 

There are also far less Health Coaches over here in Europe, so finding one in your local area may be difficult, or you may wish to find a coach who specialises in your particular health concern. So the Health Coach that best fits your needs may be any where in the world!

So have a think about trying some online Health Coaching sessions and if you want to save some time and do it online, drop me an email here.