Phos Wellness: 21st Century Skin Care

Earlier this year I discovered a new brand of skin care products by Phos Wellness . The 'Face Elixir Lipid' for combination skin has become my daily go to for a facial oil. It smells amazing and melts into the skin easily. My normally combination skin has transformed since starting to using these products. After moving from the humid climate of Bermuda to the dry European climate and central heating my skin was not happy so I began using Phos Wellness to see if it would help, now the dryness has resolved and is feeling less sensitive and inflamed.  I have also started using their skin products with my Facial Acupuncture clients with great results. I use the Face Elixir Lipid for combination skin with the Bio Recovery Gel and the Eye Ozone around my eyes. Here is a bit more info about the products below. 

About Phos Wellness

Created by Stasios in New York, Phos Wellness creates natural and organic skin and oral care products. Their focus is to produce skincare that is actually cell-care, products that nurture the skin at the cellular level. The product range caters to all skin types with special formulas for eye and oral care. They use organic therapeutic grade essential oil molecules and therapeutic grade essential lipid plant extracts. Essential oil extracts can be beneficial in many ways and help improve many skin issues such as: premature aging, sun damage, pigmentation issues, acne, rosacea and eczema. All products are chemical, fragrance and paraben free. Products are not tested on animals. 


Face Elixir Lipid


I am using the product for combination skin which is made up of 10 essential oils including Immortelle flower, Geranium, Chamomile and Carrot seed. The product can be used by itself or combined with the Bio Recovery Gel. It is designed to balance, moisturise, nourish and tighten skin and help to create a youthful glow. It also helps to provide hydration and antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors. This product smells great and I even had a friend who asked what I had on my face because of it!


Bio Recovery Gel


This product is an ultra-light gel serum and is designed for normal or combination skin. The gel helps to calm the skin and provide nourishment with the essential fatty acids. It can be applied first before the Elixir or mixed with it. Ingredients include jojoba oil, green tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, organic white willow bark extract, rosehip, hibiscus flower extract, aloe vera, beta carotene and neem seed extract. The gel is absorbed quickly and may be ideal for the sporty type who don't feel like they want an oil on the skin prior to strenuous exercise. 


Eye Ozone


Ingredients include arnica which is great for tissue healing and bruising/dark circles, marula kernel extract to improve skin suppleness, pomegranate extract, chamomile to reduce puffiness and calm the skin, immortelle flower extract for skin rejuvenation and ozone tri-oxygen. The ingredients help to improve skin circulation and reduce under eye swelling and dark circles. Suitable for all skin types. 


I would recommend trying Phos Wellness products to anyone wanting to look after their skin in a natural and organic way!