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Pillow Talk: The importance of a good quality pillow for avoiding neck and back pain.

Pillow Talk: The importance of a good quality pillow for avoiding neck and back pain.

Getting a good night's sleep is important for your health for so many reasons. One of the key factors in getting a restful night is having a good quality, supportive pillow. Now it's not easy to find, as not one size pillow fits all. This is where the creations of Muun have a unique advantage, you can adjust the pillow to your own needs!

I recently started using a Muun pillow at home and for the first couple of nights I used it as it came in the box. The Muun pillow comes in three layers, with two different levels of support and can be adjusted to your needs. This means the pillow works well for all sleep positions, whether your a side sleeper, or prefer your stomach or back. 

Muun Pillow

So, I gave the Muun pillow a try. Due to the fact I'm only petite and don't need much support under my head and neck, the full pillow was a little on the thick side. However, for an adult male I think the full thickness is perfect. So I adjusted the thickness of the pillow by removing the inner third of the pillow. I have been using the pillow at this thickness ever since and have had some very restful nights sleep and awoke with no neck or upper back pain.

Also, each side of the pillow is made from a different material, so the support under the head and neck feels different depending on which side you are using. One side of the pillow is made from memory foam (my preferred side) which supports the shape of the head and neck, and the other side is made from Talalay Latex and is super soft and airy. 


The dimensions of the pillow are 40x80 cm with the normal height of the pillow being14cm, however if you choose to remove the inner foam layer like me, this decreases to 12cm. The pillow cover is made from a light woven cotton and filled with a natural wool and wild silk which creates a very soft feel and helps to regulate the temperature of the pillow during the night. The pillows and other products from Muun are designed and made in Germany, with the materials sourced from both Germany and the Netherlands. The materials and manufacturers involved in the production of the Muun products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. 

As a physiotherapist, I know how important having a good pillow is on your neck and back health. I've treated so many patients who come to me with neck problems, but when I ask about their sleeping habits, I then understand why. Many people sleep on either too many pillows or pillows which are too thick. This elevates the head compared to the rest of the body and the spine is no longer in a neutral position. This puts a lot of strain on the neck and can worsen spinal disc problems and muscle tightness leading to increased neck pain and headaches. Being able to adjust a pillow to your own needs is a perfect way to ensure the spine is kept in a neutral position while sleeping for all, regardless of the size of the person or their preferred sleeping position.  

Muun also make mattresses, blankets and fitted sheets of various sizes, along with a lovely bedroom scent! Go check out their website for further info.

Well, now i'm off to bed with my Muun pillow and can't wait to get some good quality sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!





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