Rack Buddy: Modern Clothes Storage For The Modern Home

Rack Buddy Helen Turner

Clothes Storage For The Modern Home

Living in a smallish apartment in the centre of Amsterdam, space can be a problem. Now, thanks to Rack Buddy I have a stylish solution to my lack of space. These customisable storage units not only provide a solutions to lack of space but also look great. Mine really fits in with my old canal house apartment which has been modernly renovated. It's a great way of storing seasonal items or if you are super organised your work clothes for the week ahead. They are easy to put together and can be re-arranged or moved easily.

About Rack Buddy

Rack Buddy was created in 2013 by Martin Heinze and Lasse Nielsen, two young Danish guys who had always dreamed of having their own business. At first they wanted to create their own personal custom clothes racks as they couldn't find what they were looking for in stores. This then grew into making racks for friends and family and gradually the business expanded. Now it's both of their full time jobs and they have their own showroom in Denmark and are selling clothes racks all over Europe. Their aim was for the clothes rack to be a piece of furniture that adds to the identity of the home. Your clothes say a lot about who you are, so why hide them away in a wardrobe? Customers are able to get involved in the design of their rack or order one of the designs already created. The choice is yours!

We believe in the concept of “hygge”.
In Denmark, hygge means making everyday moments more meaningful by creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying oneself in good company. Therefore, we approach all our projects with a positive mind and down-to-earth attitude. And coming from the world’s happiest nation, we know that the place you spend the most time at, your home, is the foundation of happiness. This is why we have made it our purpose to help you create your own space to unwind, relax and enjoy the little things of life.

Are you also needing a little extra storage in your home or want to re-do your home? Keep Rack Buddy in mind for creating a custom piece to show off your favourite items.