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Knitting love

I've become something of a knitwear fan in my old age (haha). Warm clothing was not something I had to really think about when living in Bermuda for so long, however now back in Europe I need to be well equipped for the cooler weather. There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa in a comfy oversized sweater with a cup of tea and a good book. I came across this brand from Lithuania whilst browsing Instagram this Winter. I'm also a big fan of many of their IG pics featuring a redheaded model!

About Rūkė

'Rūkė is the story about a young woman and her husband. It is a story that emerged in silence. The path, which they walk together as husband and wife, as friends, as partners, as colleagues. Everything started in 2011, as the wolves were howling. Like a scream that was longing for both of them. It seemed back then, that only a warm and comfortable sweater could warm their hearts. That is how the first Rūkė sweater was born, which was followed by second, third and fourth...'

 Rūkė offer a range of different styles and designs of dresses and sweaters in various colours which suit all shapes or skin colour and aim to surround you with tranquility and tenderness. I opted for the 'Cocoon Sweater' in a light grey. It feels so soft on the skin and a love the cosy thumb holes in the sleeves for those extra chilly moments. It can be worn when relaxing around the home, out to lunch with friends or even a cosy date night with a pair of jeans and heels. Versatility is key in my wardrobe as I often go from clients, to meetings to evening events. The also stock a few cute girls and baby items in their store.

A couple of years ago I felt like I was lacking some creative activities in my life. Working as a physio I was used to using my hands all day, so never felt I needed to 'use' them when not at work. I used to love sewing or drawing when at school, but under the stress of A-levels and my degree I lost touch with my creative side. So, 10 years later it's about time I got it back! Sometime you just need someone else to remind you of the beautiful things that can be created by hand, with a bit of love and patience. I love to support small sustainable brands rather than buying from high-street stores. There's something different about wearing something that has been made with love and care rather than in a sweatshop factory where staff are underpaid and overworked and have no love for their job. 

So, you may catch me around Amsterdam with my knitting, quietly contemplating life. Please say hello if you do! But you may have to wait until I get to the end of my row of knitting just in case I loose where I am with the pattern! Multi-tasking while knitting is something I am not yet capable of... It's work in progress. If anyone else would like to start knitting, Rūkė have some lovely sweater and dress patterns and provide the wool and needles needed, so why not check out their website and give it a go! There is nothing more satisfying than creating something beautiful and useable like a sweater, or even giving as a gift to a loved one. Or why not have a look at their beautiful pictures on Instagram.

Now let me get back to knitting...I will be working on a blog post documenting a knitting project this Summer so keep you eyes peeled!



Helen Turner

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