Why Hiring A Health Coach Can Actually Save You Money

Cheaper Insurance? Dream on......

Are you dreaming of your next vacation but are wondering how to afford it? Maybe I can give you some tips to help. We all have a lot of out goings for things like rent, mortgages, pension, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, council taxes..the list is endless. Let's look at health insurance and life insurance a bit more (my U.K followers count yourself lucky you still have the somewhat functioning NHS).

I recently had a client who went through the process of moving countries and setting up both health insurance and life insurance. The medical assessment which was part of both insurance policies is vitally important in determining the amount of insurance you will pay monthly. It doesn't take a genius to realise the healthier you are the lower your insurance premiums will be. My client had drastically improved their health in a number of ways and they were shocked not only by the results of the tests but also by the insurance quotes they were given. It was much less than what they were paying a couple of years ago when their health was not as good. Now, that money they would have spent prior to hiring a health coach can go towards holidays and other healthy activities to keep their health on track! Even just a small reduction to the monthly payment can add up to a lot over time. Also quitting things like smoking and reducing alcohol intake can have a large effect on your help and insurance quotes. Paying money out in the short term to get your health back on track can have big benefits in the long-term, you just have to look at the bigger picture.

It also seems that with the new changes to the Health Insurance system in the U.S. more and more pre-existing conditions will now be allowed to be used as ways the insurance companies can charge higher insurance premiums. Rather than fight the system why not fight for your health instead? Only you can make those changes, not the Government or Health Insurance companies. Sickness means money, whether it is via treatment in hospitals, insurance or via medications. Take control and do everything you can to keep your body in the best physical health possible and out of your Doctor's office or hospital. And if you need some help and advice why not try some Health Coaching sessions? Email me at info@helenturnerhealth.com for further info! 

Never forget 'Health is Wealth'.