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The Advantages of choosing an Online Health Coach

We live in a world where time is money. So why waste time traveling to an appointment when you don't have to? I find I actually get better results from the clients I coach online vs those I coach face to face. Sometimes people think the online coaching lacks the personal touch but I couldn't disagree more. Normally when starting with a new client, the first session may be a video call rather than voice call. This is so that the client has an opportunity to see me in person rather than just hear a voice. With subsequent sessions I tend to prefer to keep them to voice calls only, but it is really up to the client and their wishes, I'm happy with either.

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Pilot Athletic: Luxe Activewear

My 2016 started off in an amazing way! I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for the luxury female active wear brand Pilot Athletic. Founder and Managing Director Natalie Lane started the company in 2012, and has since developed a successful premium sportswear label. She is also a licensed Pilot (hence the name of the brand). The word 'Pilot' is what initially caught my eye, due to both my parents having Pilots' licenses (my dad is quite annoyed that they don't do menswear, he is desperate for a T-shirt saying 'Pilot' on the front). It's a great brand for wearing to the gym, Pilates class or out to lunch with your friends. The label is inspired by fast paced females, who mix work and fitness during their hectic days, with no need to change outfits throughout the day (unless you get a serious sweat on in the gym). There are so many new activewear brands out there, but none as classy as Pilot Athletic, you wont see any of those psychedelic yoga leggings that give you a migraine just by looking at them. There is however, a sneaky bit of leopard and snake print, but its added to the garments in a classy and chic way. 

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RECIPE: Fresh Frittata!

Fresh Frittata!

So i've been able to make an omelette since I was a child, but its only recently that I have started experimenting with making frittatas, and I love them! There are so many different ingredients you can use to make your own variation. I tend to use whatever needs eating up in my kitchen, but really anything goes!

My favourite is a sweet potato, onion, spinach and goats cheese. But I also love mixing in other ingredients such as: kale, broccolini, mushrooms, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cooked meats, peas, butternut squash, leeks, feta cheese etc......

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