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Top 10 Tips To Survive Your Period In A Healthy Way

Is it possible to have a less painful period?

Yes, it's my time of the month, so I thought I would share some of my personal tips for making it more bearable. Hope this helps a bit ladies! Try and stay away from the pain killers and other medications as much as you can!

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    Acupuncture And The Treatment Of Migraines

    There is significant research that had been conducted to show that acupuncture can be helpful with treating migraine frequency, severity and associated symptoms. Large, randomised controlled clinical trials involving several thousand patients have now been conducted, funded by German health insurance companies. These studies have compared acupuncture with standard treatment (drugs and advice given by physicians) and demonstrate persistent and clinically relevant benefits under real-life conditions and equivalence to specialist drug management. 

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    Facial Acupuncture: How does it work?

    Facial Acupuncture

    Facial Acupuncture (also know as Cosmetic Acupuncture) has been said to be one of 2016's Top Beauty Trends. Many modern women are looking for more natural ways of maintaining healthy looking skin and staying away from the toxic botox injections and fillers so present in many female beauty regimes. 

    How Does It Work?

    Facial Acupuncture works by stimulating blood and nutrients to the skin of the face. The needles also help muscles to relax and tighten the skin, collagen is also boosted by making micro-wounds in the skin, which the body then heals, thus stimulating the collagen to be produced. You can get some minor bleeding at the site of the needles and occasionally a small bruise. As Facial Acupuncture is a whole body treatment other conditions such as headaches, sleep disorders, weight loss and many other conditions may also be treated. 

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    Acupuncture: The Treatment of Cesarean Scars

    I made my entry into this world via an emergency Cesarean section (AKA C-section) and more and more women are opting for planned C-sections for various reasons. However, currently I don't feel enough hands on treatment it offered to improve the healing of the scar tissue itself. I think physiotherapists do a great job with the core stability advice, postural advice and pelvic floor strengthening but currently there is not enough hands on treatment of the actual scar and surrounding scar tissue (the scar tissue is much more widespread than the scar you see on the surface of the skin). Restrictions in the scar (adhesions) can cause a lot of pain, restricted movement, digestive issues and potential problems with further pregnancies. Doctors aren't well equipped with solutions and tend to give the same old 'just give it time to heal' advice to most women. 

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    Inspiring Story Sunday: Amazing Acupuncture

    I thought it would be a great idea to start sharing some of my client stories on my blog. It's often a great way to really understand how beneficial treatments are to so some clients' lives. I had a great conversation with one of my clients last week and I thought it would be interesting to share her story with my readers! She also wanted to write me a testimonial for my website as she would love to encourage others to give treatments such as acupuncture a try and hopefully experience some amazing results themselves.

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