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Chocolate Rocks: A Unique Chocolate Experience From Amsterdam.

Chocolate Rocks?

So here is something new, chocolates that look like different types of geological rocks! The idea was created by Product Designer Michal and Chef Borch who combined their areas of expertise and came up with these delicious creations. Made from dark chocolate and other interesting ingredients such as coconut, turmeric, pumpkin, beetroot, Spirulina, red cabbage, Hibiscus and more. The colours in the 'rocks' are created by dried fruits and vegetables and are added in irregular layers to create realistic looking chocolate rocks.

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Sweet Bob's Brazilian Brigadeiro: The first Dutch Brigadeiro Shop.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Sweet Bob on the Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam. I have frequently walked past this place, so I decided to find out a bit more about the 'Brazilian Brigadeiro'. I had absolutely no idea what a Brigadeiro was up until this week.

A 'Brigadeiro' is a Brazilian delicacy first created in the 1940's and is common to see at celebrations and parties. The sweet is made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter with various flavourings and toppings. Currently there are 30 different flavours at Sweet Bob's with about 10-12 of these flavours available each day. 

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Going Dutch: Tony's Chocolonely aim for 100% Slave free chocolate

Recently I had the pleasure of an invite to Tony's Chocolonely's head office in Amsterdam. Yes, be very jealous! I had the guided tour, saw the tasting room, museum cupboard with all the past and present products and the 'Chocolate Wall'. I'm pretty sure the office fridge was just full of chocolate also! It seemed more like Willy Wonker's Chocolate factory than an office. Where do I apply for a job? I also had a good laugh reading the 'Who are we' page for the staff on the Tony's website, who knew the Dutch were so crazy? But I guess it goes in line with their motto 'Crazy about chocolate, serious about people'.

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