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Hair Care: How I look after my hair!

My hair....

I have to confess my hair is a bit of a talking point. More so because I seem to like to live in places without many redheads. I spent six years living on the tropical island of Bermuda, not a place where you find many redheads soaking up the sun! Get the factor 50 suncream out! And now living in Amsterdam, I still feel like more of a minority than when growing up in the UK. I'm somewhat different to the typical tall blonde Dutchie! 

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Phos Wellness: 21st Century Skin Care

Earlier this year I started using a new brand of skin care products by Phos Wellness . The 'Face Elixir Lipid' for combination skin has become my daily go to for a facial oil. It smells amazing and melts into the skin easily. My normally combination skin has transformed since starting to using these products. After moving from the humid climate of Bermuda to the dry European climate and central heating my skin was not happy. But now the dryness has resolved and is feeling less sensitive and inflamed.  I have also started using the skin products with my Facial Acupuncture clients with great results. I use the Face Elixir Lipid for combination skin with the Bio Recovery Gel  for my skin and the Eye Ozone around my eyes. Here is a bit more info about the products below. 

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