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Kemp Gadegaard: Unique Slow Crafted Contemporary Womenswear

About Kemp Gadegaard

I recently came across this Berlin based womenswear brand whilst browsing Instagram. Since leaving Bermuda where there is little opportunity or buying organic, slow crafted clothing I have been enjoying discovering the world of slow fashion since returning to Europe. The problem with living in Bermuda is there are hardly any shops on the Island and even less International brands that accept a Bermudian bank account or ship goods to Bermuda. I love the simple but stylish designs from Kemp Gadegaard and cant wait to see what they bring out next season!

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Asquith: The Luxury Activewear Brand From London Now Stocked At Infnti Amsterdam

Asquith are a London based activewear brand that want you to feel good on the inside and out. Established in 2002, they are an eco-conscious company using only the best quality bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, which are chemical free and sustainably produced. The fabrics have to feel great not just look great on your skin! The fabrics also allow your skin to breathe and don't fade, stretch or bobble after wearing and washing. Their AW16 collection was inspired by the 1970's Disco era, with the colours Disco Orange and Lemonade being featured on some of the items.  

Asquith create yoga and Pilates collections that can also be worn as everyday wear,whether at home, out to lunch or going shopping. All items are made in a family-run factory in Turkey, with with paid holidays and standard working hours. 

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