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Recipe: Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles

Who doesn't love raw cookie dough?! Who doesn't love peanut butter?! The best part of these truffles is that they are RAW & VEGAN! So what exactly is a raw, vegan dessert and how can it benefit you from a nutritional standpoint?

A food that had not been heated over 118 degrees (some say 115) is considered to be a raw food. When you heat  food above 118, you begin to loose precious  enzymes and nutrients! (As a side, peanut butter is not technically raw, so you could use raw almond butter). You could say a raw dessert is like having your cake and eating it too with all of the enzymes still intact. 

Another fantastic benefit of a raw dessert is they inherently avoid gluten and dairy, which are two ingredients many have a hard time tolerating. From my own personal experience and experience from my best clients, is that you feel satisfied with a much smaller serving. I used to be able to eat SO many traditional gluten-laden, refined sugar cookies in one sitting and then I would want more as my next meal! But with a raw dessert, because all of the enzymes and nutrients are still intact, your body is signalled to feel satiated with much less food. And without fail, I always crave a salad as my next meal, NOT more dessert. (And this is coming from an ex-sugar addict!)

These little gourmet truffle gems will satisfy you on every level. Reminiscent of the beloved peanut butter cup but in cookie dough form. You and your guests will swoon over these!

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