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Acupuncture: The Treatment of Cesarean Scars

I made my entry into this world via an emergency Cesarean section (AKA C-section) and more and more women are opting for planned C-sections for various reasons. However, currently I don't feel enough hands on treatment it offered to improve the healing of the scar tissue itself. I think physiotherapists do a great job with the core stability advice, postural advice and pelvic floor strengthening but currently there is not enough hands on treatment of the actual scar and surrounding scar tissue (the scar tissue is much more widespread than the scar you see on the surface of the skin). Restrictions in the scar (adhesions) can cause a lot of pain, restricted movement, digestive issues and potential problems with further pregnancies. Doctors aren't well equipped with solutions and tend to give the same old 'just give it time to heal' advice to most women. 

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