Top 10 Tips To Survive Your Period In A Healthy Way


Is it possible to have a less painful period?

Yes, it's my time of the month, so I thought I would share some of my personal tips for making it more bearable. Hope this helps a bit ladies! Try and stay away from the pain killers and other medications as much as you can!

  1. Keep Hydrated - Research shows you feel pain more when your body is dehydrated, so make sure you drink a little more water when coming up to or during your period. Warming teas also work.
  2. Turmeric Mylk - My favourite comforting drink and a great anti-inflammatory to help soothe the pains. I mix turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and local honey with warm organic coconut milk. Alternatively you can buy pre-made spice mix and add your favourite nut milk.
  3. Long Hot Water Bottle - Oh! If you haven't got one of these amazing hot water bottles you are seriously missing out! This is my best selling item from my SHOP and most of my female clients love them also! A great gift for your female friends!
  4. Menstrual Cup - I'm a recent convert of the menstrual cup. Takes a bit of practice and getting used to but saves your pocket and the planet! I use one by OrganiCup.
  5. Gentle Exercise  - Swimming, Pilates and yoga are great gentle ways to ease period pains. Don't avoid exercise while on your period, you will feel much better for it, just lower the intensity a bit. 
  6. Early bed and good book - There is nothing better than snuggling up in bed with clean organic cotton sheets, your hot water bottle and a great read. Make sure you schedule time or get to bed a bit earlier. 
  7. Gentle abdominal massage - Sounds a bit weird, but gently massaging your abdomen with some relaxing massage oil will ease cramps and bloating. Give is a try!
  8. Warm baths - With Epsom Salts or Magnesium Salts to ease pains and help relax you during your period. Heat is a great natural pain relief.
  9. Acupuncture - a great way to naturally ease pain and produce endorphins. Make sure you schedule your appointment in advance!
  10. Sweet Bob's Brigadeiro's from across the street!! I little sweet indulgence never hurt anyone, or you could go for a healthier, sugar/dairy free chocolate option. 

I hope these tips of mine help you have a healthier and less miserable time of the month. If you want to discuss your health concerns in further detail please drop me an email at: and let's get you back on track! Happy time of the month! (It is something to be celebrated after all, here's to health and youthfulness).