Product Review: Veeda feminine products

I recently tried out a natural feminine hygiene brand Veeda. They offer women a more natural way of getting through their period, no synthetics, no chemicals, no dyes. Their products come packaged in eco friendly recycled cardboard boxes and use 100% natural cotton to make the tampons and sanitary towels. The tampons come without an applicator which helps to reduce any damage on insertion and reduce environmental waste. 

Veeda tampons are the only hypoallergenic, 100% natural cotton tampons out there right now. The natural tampons can help reduce your risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and are bio-degradable, so great for both yourself and the environment.  There has never been a documented case of TSS in a person using a 100% natural cotton tampon. They also supply sanitary towels and panty liners and are sold in some larger stores such as Boots, Amazon and Ebay, with more stores in the process of starting to stock the products. Keep your eyes peeled for Veeda in your local supermarket or heath store!

I'll be buying them again for sure, no more well known brands for me! Who's with me? Lets look after our bodies on the inside and out.

If you want to know further details about why it is important to know what is in your brand of feminine products, have a read of my previous blog Feminine Hygiene: Why it's important to choose your brand carefully.

Enjoy the rest of your day!