Why Is Smoking Still So Big in Europe? Come On It's Time To Kick The Habit

Smoking in Europe

Unfortunately I still remember the days when bars, pubs and clubs allowed you to smoke inside. I've never smoked myself but used to feel like I had after a night out as a teenager. Husky voice, hair and clothes stinking of smoke when you get home. I was always annoyed that I had to wash my hair the next morning just to get rid of the smell, even though I had spent a lot of time the night before blow drying it and straightening it. Everything you were wearing had to go straight in the wash, jeans and bra included. I was pretty happy when the smoking ban came into effect in the U.K in July 2007 (I had just turned 21).

At 22, I moved to Bermuda and really didn't witness much smoking at all (plenty of drinking though, they don't call it 65,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock for nothing) so when I returned to the U.K. again the smoking level seemed pretty low and most of the clients I came across who did smoke were in the process of quitting. However, I then moved to Amsterdam six months later and was shocked to see the level of smoking in the city (I'm talking cigarettes not other legal substances you can smoke in the Netherlands). There are still so many young people here who think smoking is trendy and you can tell many of them are doing it to fit in. Amsterdam is a very sociable city and it's common to go for a drink with friends or colleagues in the evenings. Most people just step outside onto the street to smoke. So if you are walking home through the canals, like me most days, you are often subjected to inhaling clouds of smoke on the way.

Also, what I find interesting if many of these people seen smoking are people who confess to living a healthy life, maybe they do yoga, eat a vegan diet but yet don't seem to understand the health risks and complications associated with smoking. I feel this has do to with the Government legislation and the laws in place about smoking in public in the Netherlands. Without going into details the laws here are a lot less strict than that of the U.K. which seems to have an impact on the level of smoking in the city. Maybe it's about time the Netherlands made their laws a bit stricter!

It also seems to be similar in other countries such as Spain and Italy, the rate of smoking is still pretty high and smoking bans are not as strict as other countries in the EU. It's a shame that peoples decisions are so influenced by the laws of their home nation. If the whole of the EU had the same laws for smoking in public places we would all be a lot healthier and better off. But obviously a lot of funding for Governments comes from these big companies so we really never understand the bigger picture of why certain countries make their laws. 

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