Yuyu Bottle: A Necessity To Survive The Winter!

About the Yuyu Bottle

Most of us know what a standard hot water bottle looks like, not much has changed with them in the last 50 years until now! Let me introduce you to the Yuyu Bottle, the world's first long hot water bottle. This unique design is so much more functional than a standard hot water bottle and can be wrapped around you stomach, back or neck depending on your needs. It can also warm the full length of your bed rather than just one small area.

The Yuyu Bottles are made in a range of different materials but all contain the same high quality Sri Lankan natural rubber bottle which is not only eco friendly but biodegradable, flexible and soft. The different materials for the covers include: Luxury Fleece, Cotton and Inner Mongolian Cashmere in 10%, 30% and 100%. All Cashmere covers have Mother of Pearl buttons and come wrapped in the finest gold infused Japanese Sanwa tissue paper in a luxury Yuyu Gift Box. 


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can be a great natural pain relief and a way of avoiding reaching into the medicine cabinet. The heat causes the blood vessels to dilate which reduces the activity in your pain receptors and decreases the pain sensation felt, as well as making you feel warm and cosy! Just beware Yuyu Bottles can be a desirable item, so if you have children make sure to get them one each so no bedtime fighting!

If you have been lucky enough to stay at any of these luxury hotels you may have already had the pleasure of experiencing a Yuyu Bottle: The Ritz London, The Four Seasons London, The Dorchester, The Mandarin Oriental London. Keep your eyes open for more luxury locations coming soon!

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Have a great weekend!