Of The Islands: Natural Magnesium Wellness Products From The Netherlands

Of The Islands - Helen Turner

Natural magensium 

Magnesium is essential for body function, however many of us are deficient in this important mineral. Magnesium is used in so many ways by the body but are you getting enough? Not everyone likes taking supplements so why not let your body absorb the magnesium through your skin instead? I have seen a number of magnesium products and sprays in the wellness market for a while but all of them have been synthetically made in a factory. I was happy to recently come across this brand Of The Islands who source their magnesium locally in the Netherlands from the ground. No factory involved! Let me tell you a bit more about Of The Islands.....

About Of The Islands

This Dutch brand was created by Alla Feldman, who has a personal love for different islands all over the world. She finds a certain kind of calm on an island, that is not found in other places. 

OF THE ISLANDS is a concept of a possible future of our planet and all us residents upon it. It is a glimpse of what course our history can take and the decisions that might lead us there. Perhaps in the future the waters have risen due to global warming swallowing up our continents leaving just a sprinkling of islands peeking out at the surface. This is now where we live... this is where we write a new history of what's to come.

The islands represent our heritage and possibly our salvation, but above all, OF THE ISLANDS is an invitation to become conscious participants in deciding what our future holds and creating positive change. It's an invitation to take wisdom of the past, to learn from it and build upon it a strong blueprint for a sustainable future of our planet. It’s an invitation to take responsibility for the wellbeing of all living things and acknowledge that we are all connected in a powerful ecosystem that when balanced, nurtures, supports, and protects all those within it. It’s a call to join a movement to restore balance in our bodies, our lives, and our world so we can survive and thrive into the future. We can do it because we are daring, we are tenacious, we are limitless. We are... Of The Islands.”

I have been using the Of The Islands magnesium range for a few months and it has become a staple of my daily care routine. I use the spray daily (normally on my stomach after showering in the evening) and the magnesium scrub once a week before showering. In the Winter time I will be having more baths and using the magnesium bath salts. I find the natural magnesium soaks in to the skin easier than other magnesium products I have tried and feels less sticky or dry afterwards. I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint so it's great to find natural magnesium that comes from the Netherlands and is stored in glass bottles that I can reuse in my home afterwards.

Of the Islands are also planning an amazing retreat in Crete next year. In a special collaboration with a holistic Cretan lifestyle and beauty brand - Pure Philosophy. This retreat is a chance to disconnect and get in touch with pure island nature, cleanse the body with a week of delicious raw food made from organic locally grown produce. Detox your spirit with yoga, meditation and immersion in the Crete lifestyle. Come back home lighter (literally and figuratively) with your sense of taste and your focus sharpened, energy renewed, desire for taking life on re-ignited!

If you want to find out more about Of The Islands then have a look at their website HERE or check out their wonderful and inspiring Instagram page HERE

I'm busy planning my next Island trip...... I'll keep you posted with details soon!