Product of the Month: e:botanicals new face oil 'Mareld'

Mareld Face Oil e:botanicals

'Mareld' Face Oil

Recently I have been trying one of the new face oils by e:botanicals. Mareld is a nourishing face oil is made with arctic oat and squalane to add moisture to the face without feeling greasy. It's packed full of amazing ingredients for the skin and has become part of my Facial Acupuncture treatments. Not only is it great for the skin but it also smells amazing! No perfume required when you have this on. Just add a couple of drops to your fingers and massage into the skin after cleansing and toning in the morning or before bed.

Mareld is made for: dry skin. A facial serum named after it’s colour, which resembles a phenomenon caused by microorganisms that leads the ocean to light up bright turquoise (milky seas effect). Composed of a blend of deeply nourishing oils that provide long-lasting moisture. Broccoli seed oil contains a host of vitamins and minerals as well as helps sun-exposed skin recover; macadamia oil has a fatty acid composition which likens that of our own skin; and CO2-extracted arctic oat provides further essential fatty acids. It’s pure skin food. Use daily on clean skin, after hydrating with a serum.

e:botanicals is for you, if you are interested in using body care products that don't contain alcohol or fillers, but that do contain carefully selected ingredients that actually nourish your skin, hair, and mind. Or, for you who simply like natural, honest, hand crafted things.

Coconut oil, Camellia oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil*, Olive squalane, Broccoli seed oil*, Macadamia oil, Arctic oat extract*, Vitamin E, Frangipani flower oil, Bergamot oil*, Blue chamomile extract.

You can find more of the e:botanicals face and body products on their website

Or you can check out their beautiful Instagram page for some inspiration! If you have tried any of the e:botanicals products I would love to hear your comments below!