Product Of The Month: Mádara Brightening AHA Peel Mask

Madara Peel Mask

I've been looking for a substitute to my favourite AHA peel for a while as the one I like is not a green product. So recently I started trying this one from Mádara

This active AHA peeling mask is said to add instant radiance with a nature’s superdose of active acids. Fruit acids and vitamin C from Quince fruit, blended with hydrating lactic acid and soothing Elderflower provides efficient exfoliation for bright, radiant and smoothed skin.

1. Removes dead cells to uncover smoother (and radiant) skin surface.
2. Exfoliates the skin to stimulate cell turnover and regeneration.
3. Brightens skin, diminishes appearance of age-spots and lines.
4. Helps to unclog pores for a deep cleansing action.
5. Improves the absorption and effect of other cosmetic products

Especially beneficial for those with dull, tired skin, signs of aging, lines, wrinkles, age-spots, lack of glow, clogged pores, acne. Not suitable for those with fragile, hypersensitive skin.


I've been using this AHA peel by Mádara for a couple of months, and even though its not quiet as effective as my previous AHA peel I think I will still make the change due the greener ingredient list than my old one! The  mask tingles a bit on the skin on application and due to my sensitive skin I don't leave it on for too long. I find my skin especially dry in Winter time, mainly due to the central heating inside, so I think peels and moisturisers are a must for me this time of year!

Hope your 2018 has started off well!