Are You Looking To Add Some Hand Made Knitwear To Your Winter Wardrobe? Why Not Check Out Mihaela Markovic's Creative Pieces

Mihaela Markovic Helen Turner

About Mihaela Markovic

I wanted to share with you a brand I came across recently at the Pause Pop-Up conscious fashion event in Amsterdam. As it's getting a bit colder over here I've been thinking about my Winter wardrobe and if I need to make any hand-made long lasting additions. Mihaela Markovic creates amazing unique knitwear designs that are just perfect for keeping you feeling cosy and stylish on the colder nights. The colours fit my complexion and hair colour perfectly  (Autumn is my time of year for sure) and each item is lovingly hand made in Croatia, Mihaela's homeland. 

Mihaela Markovic is a Fashion Knitwear Designer from Croatia, with a strong sense for clothes' longevity and the importance of sustainability in relation to fashion.
She is dedicated to developing knitwear production in Croatia, her homeland, where there is a strong tradition of textile production which has been lost after the fall-out of ex-Yugoslavia. Merging traditional and contemporary skills in knitwear and design whilst using only finest materials like merino wool, silk and linen.

Mihaela Markovic's mission is to create high quality knitwear for people who want pieces they can connect with, forming emotional bonds through the process of wearing. Bespoke, special pieces that reflect an individuals’ characteristics and choices, potentially becoming a family heirloom and being appreciated over time just like good wine. Studio Markovic is also part of the slow-fashion movement. Every year, the fast fashion phenomenon has led to tonnes of fabric ending up in our landfills depleting natural resources and causing damage to our environment. We want people to buy less, buy better quality and thus buy independent. We encourage people to take responsibility for their actions, and not to be only spectators in their lives.

I've been wearing the Mere Wool Cape, Turban Hat and the cosy Natus Jumper. See my Instagram HERE for photos. I love all my clothing items and they are part of my every day wear, so keep your eyes out for me in Amsterdam wearing some of Mihaela's beautiful clothing. I can't wait to see her next season creations!

If you want to have a look at more of Mihaela Markovic's designs check out her website HERE or have a look at her Instagram account @studio.markovic