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Helen Turner - Things I MIss

Things I Miss...

I've known about this brand for a while and have finally got around to telling you all about them! Things I Miss are a Slovenian slow fashion company with a passion for creating unique clothing out of interesting sustainable materials. They are interested in bodies and forms in context with the rawness of life and narration. They are inspired by art that is sustainable in all dimensions. Things I Miss do not offer collections, instead creating editions when inspired. They enjoy collaborating with different people to create interesting projects together. 

Things I Miss are actively involved in different movements, initiatives and platforms with a mission to change attitude towards clothes and fashion. By signing the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment at Copenhagen Fashion Summit along with 142 global fashion brands, the brand pledged to a gradual change in the process of creating and to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system.

I thought the organic cotton jersey in black would compliment my minimalistic wardrobe. The organic cotton is GOTS certified and also comes in white or hand-painted in grey.The jersey is casual but elegant and fits well into any occasion. It can be dressed up or down which suits my style perfectly.  Things I Miss also make amazing bags made out of Piñatex (which is made from waste pineapple leaves). Their other clothing pieces are very inspiring and each tell a story and show movement and harmony between the clothing and the person wearing it.

Things I Miss's biggest obsession is to take a piece of textile or material and transform it into a piece of poetry that holds on to you wherever you go. 

"Clothing is our second skin.
Bags are our moving storage.
Our style is raw and primal as life itself."

How about checking out their full range of designs HERE, or have a look a their Instagram account @thingsimiss

Have a great week and enjoy some sunshine!