Atelier Misu: Amsterdam's New Casual Fashion Brand

Atelier Misu - Helen turner

Have You Heard Of Amsterdam’s New Fashion Brand Atelier Misu?

I came across this brand quite randomly recently and thought it would be a good share. I want to show more brands that cater to both sexes (or are genderless) so I thought this one would be a good place to start. It’s primarily a menswear brand but has some women’s pieces also. The designs also can be worn by any gender and are carried in a range of different sizes.

About Atelier Misu.

Atelier Misu was founded in Amsterdam in 2017 with a goal to produce forward thinking statement pieces that will be a part of your wardrobe for many years rather than just a season. The clothing is designed in Amsterdam and made out of high quality fabrics in Porto, Portugal. Their pieces fit well in casual situations such as cafes, bars, clubs and outdoors in the parks or by the beach. Atelier Misu value high quality clothing, they ensure that their items are made carefully with the best techniques and fabrics. They pay extra attention to the shape of the fit to make sure you enjoy wearing the piece of clothing time and time again.

You can check out their full range of clothing via their website HERE or have a look at their great Instagram page HERE .

I’m going to enjoy the soft feeling of my Atelier Misu jumper this Winter, perfect for some “hygge” moments with my natural candles and hot water bottle….