Best Behavior: The Sustainable Clothing Brand For Everyone

Best Behaviour Helen Turner

Best Behavior are a clothing brand that has been around since 2006 and focus on creating innovative products for women and children that are not restricted by the ever changing trends of the commercial fashion industry. They don't create S/S or A/W collections, there styles and fabrics are wearable all year round, year after year. They want to create long lasting items for your wardrobe that don't go out of style. Almost all of their products now are Oeko-Tex certified products and made in ORGANIC cotton, and they care about the people who manufacture our clothes as well as the environment. Based out of Copenhagen, they have a shop called 'Gul' in the city which they share with another sustainable clothing brand.

Most of their products are manufactured in the south of India, in the Tamil Nadu province by a company called Jayaprabha. They have a close relationship with the amazing people at Jayaprabha, and have been working with them since 2001. Together they have developed and maintained their Code of Conduct and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy throughout the years. This means securing that the standards and rules regarding working hours, salary, work environment, safety and discrimination are being maintained. There is no child labour in Jayaprabha. For every Best Behavior product you purchase that is “Made in India”, we will make a donation to Danish Indian Child Care, and more specifically, a children’s home for girls in South India in a place called, Arni.

My sustainable wardrobe

My favourite items are their cardigans, cosy and vibrant, there is one to suit every wardrobe. Great for a cosy Winter night to snuggle up in and create that 'hygge' moment. 

You can find there shop HERE if you feel like you want to add some long lasting organic garments to your wardrobe. They have some cute children's items also. Otherwise go follow their Instagram account @bestbehaviorYou can use my discount code HELENHEALTH to get yourself a 10% on purchases made! Happy Shopping!