Tired Of Not Finding A pair Of Jeans To Fit You? Why not get them custom made?


My Jeans Struggle

Finding jeans or trousers to fit me is sometimes not that easy. Maybe it's one of the reasons why I am partial to wearing gym clothes as often as possible. I'm petite with a longer torso and short slim legs but rather large calves for my size (throwback to my competitive swimming days) which means skinny jeans often don't fit well. I came across this fairly new brand on Instagram where you can order made to measure jeans and chinos from the comfort of your own home. According to studies women have to try on 18 pairs of jeans to find one pair that is comfortable and fits, men 12 pair of jeans.


SELFNATION are a Zurich based company who wanted to take the stress out of trying to find the perfect fit jean for your individual body. Their website takes you through a step by step guide to taking your measurements, which included easy to understand videos to make sure you take your measurements correctly. It only took a couple of minutes to do mine (I'm used to taking body measurements from being a physiotherapist) and it was very simple to input your data and store it to your account for next time!

Their jeans come in colourful options such as: Popcorn Pisa (my favourite), Rio Flamingo, Florence Teal, Light Venice, Paris Blues, Tokyo Knights, Iceland Izzy, Greys Of Monaco and Paris Blues Noir. 

You get to pick the colour, length, waist hight and fit of your jeans! Who could ask for more?

Choosing Your Style

For women there are currently eight different styles available, from classy to timeless to more noticeable designs, there is something for everyone. Men currently have the choice between four different models. These range from tight to wide cut jeans in various different colours. Since 2016, they also sell timeless chinos in different colours and cuts (slim or straight cut) for both men and women. The first step after choosing the style for your pair of pants is the personal measurement. You will have to measure eight parts of your body - from your hip to your ankle. The whole procedure only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Once your order has been sent the creating process begins. The sewing process then takes place in Germany and the Italian speaking part of Switzerland with upmarket Italian fabric. You can even customise your initials onto the front pocket of your jeans! They also keep you well updated as to the progress of your oder which kept me a little excited. They arrived in a lovely packaged box which makes them a great gift for someone close you you (well you do need to know their size)! I hope you enjoy your SELFNATION jeans as much as I do!

Next I want to order a pair of the chinos for work, I just have to decide which lovely colour! Why not enjoy some online sustainable shopping this weekend? Have a check out of SELFNATION's Instagram account @selfnationjeans