Elpis Studio: Bags and Clothing Made From Raw, Natural Materials In Chang Mai

Elpis Studio Helen Turner

About Elpis Studio

Elpis Studio is a brand I came across at the recent Pause Pop-Up event in Amsterdam. I was drawn to their bags made from leaves, which looked perfect for the Autumnal weather at the moment. They also design some great comfy clothing, ideal for working from home, yoga or a casual stroll around the city. When you use Elpis Studio products you can feel good knowing your unique garment was made with respect for people and the planet.

Elpis Studio's products and clothing are made in a an eco-conscious way in Chiang Mai. They transform natural raw materials into urban everyday items you’ll be proud to own. Their products are both environmentally friendly and also friendly to your body. Their designs are inspired by the harmony between people and nature in Chiang Mai. They aim to produce items whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. A great find to add to your sustainable wardrobe. Remember 'less is more'.


  • To avoid polluting environments, they avoid using harmful chemical dyes in all of their products. They also use natural dye in some of their products. They believe that the environment should be protected and they want to be a part of the solution.
  • Elpis Studio products are biodegradable grade material. The cottons are pure 100%, without a mix of other synthetic fibre (e.g. polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc.). They are completely biodegradable. The bags are also made of eco-leather with biodegradable laminates to  add extra durability. The packaging is cardboard and fabric paper only.

  • Elpis Studio encourage people to recycle and minimise their waste. Waste management is an issue for many of the fast growing economies. Their products have 2-5 years lifetime depending on their cares. That’s why they provide instruction on how to care of their products and limit the waste to the environment .

I'm loving my eco-leather tote bag, its gets lots of attention when I'm out and about with it! I also have one of the beautiful green tunic robes. Keep an eye on my Instagram @helenthealth for pics. 

Why not check out their website HERE or have a look at their lovely Instagram account @elpis.studio