Les Culottes: Natural Handmade Underwear Made From Modal

Les Culottes Underwear

Living that SLOW life......

After becoming a lot more conscious about what I put on my skin beauty wise, the next obvious step was to become more aware of what I was putting next to my skin. I've been discovering the world of "Slow Fashion" and feeling the comfort of my skin when wearing natural rather than artificial fibres, so it only makes sense to think about what I was putting next to my most delicate areas of skin. I discovered Les Culottes at a recent wellness event and loved the designs. 

About Les Culottes

Les Culottes was started by Alice Marzano, who came up with the concept while over looking the ocean on holiday in Africa. Her aim was to create comfortable underwear with playful and original designs for the modern day nomad with a sense of adventure. The underwear is designed to fit comfortably without restriction and to let your skin breathe. Her first collection 'Les Voyageurs' is designed with geometrical patterns in a variety of colours. All the items are handmade and printed individually in Italy. They are made from Modal, a fibre made from Beech trees which is very soft, durable and lets your skin breathe. 

My Happy Skin

I certainly notice the difference when wearing a natural material next to my skin. I have quite sensitive skin and it is often irritated by man made fibres or material that is too elastic or non-breathable. I'm a big convert to this underwear brand and can't wait to see the upcoming designs and styles. If you want to see more about Les Culottes and their underwear then you can check them HERE or view their Instagram account @lesculottes

Have a great weekend!