Body Stocking's are back! Find your perfect one here.

The Body Stocking - Helen Turner

Body Stockings are back!

I quite like a good body stocking, they look smarter than tucking in a shirt or t-shirt. However up until know I've only seen fairly casual ones, until I saw The Body Stocking and their smarter body stocking designs. 

About The Body Stocking

Founded in 2013, The Body Stocking noticed a lack of good quality bodystockings on the market of basic wear. The Founder got an idea to create a new brand focusing on supplying women with a selection of high quality body stockings at affordable prices. This idea was based on her own desire to express her femininity and at the same time feel comfortable.
The ambition behind the brand is to introduce women to body stockings as the perfect basic item in the wardrobe and let them experience the great feeling of a good quality bodystocking.

But what's so great about a good body stocking? Well, it always stays in place, it shapes and highlights your female silhouette and it doesn't wrinkle. 

Their ambition is to provide women with feminine basics to their wardrobes. The simple cut embraces your silhouette and highlights your waistline, shoulders, collarbone and spine. Most of their body stockings are not lingerie - It’s ready to wear clothing and you will find a bodystocking for every occasion, whether it’s basic wear, a shirt or something for Friday night you are searching for. 

What Are They Made From?

They love to work with viscose because it's breathable for your skin and makes you feel fresh all day long. The quality is certified Oeko-Tex® Standard-100 which means the fabric is tested for any harmful substances and chemicals.

Your can see some of my favourite body stocking's on my Instagram page HERE or check out their own Instagram page @thebodystocking  or website HERE.