Why Not Add A Beautiful Silk Shirt By Lisou To Your Sustainable Wardrobe?

Lisou London

Creating A Sustainable Wardrobe...

Slow fashion is about buying clothing that will last for many years and not just one season. Purchasing items that can be worn in many ways and to different types of occasions. Things you can dress up or down. With my work I can be doing many different things during one day. I need my wardrobe to be multifunctional and be able to transition easily from day work wear to night events or smarter attire. This is often on my mind when purchasing new items. Will it last a long time? Can I wear it casually and in smarter situations? Is it made sustainably by people who are paid well for their work? Does it go with the other things in my wardrobe? Will I wear it regularly rather than just a couple of times? This is why I really like brands such as Lisou. Their silk shirts can be worn on many ways and will last for a long time if looked after carefully. 

About Lisou

Lisou was created by Rene Macdonald who gathers influences from her African heritage and extensive global travels. Lisou's designs are timeless classics with the occasional twist, made from the finest silks, pieces that will be kept for years and fit the contemporary lifestyle many of us now live of high low fashion. All prints are designed by Rene herself making every Lisou print exclusive. A part of her core belief is to make a positive global impact and to this end proceeds from one piece per collection go directly to helping young Africans with medical and educational needs. Lisou believe in quality above all else and a return to the days of slow fashion and treasure box pieces. All thier products are designed in London, finished in Portugal and delivered direct to you.

I have one of the Talia shirts which looks great with a pair of jeans or with a nice skirt. There shirts and tops can be bought online on their website HERE or in various shops in London or New York. Check out their Instagram account HERE

Remember, think about your wardrobe for the long-term and not just for the year or season!