Why Not Start Customising Your Wardrobe This 2018?

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You may have seen I made a trip to Stockholm, Sweden in December. Whilst there I made a visit to the lovely concept store of Studio Heijne located in the city centre. It was a pretty miserable day outside in the wind and rain, so it was nice to be inside in the warm and cosy store for a while! The bright decor definitely lifted my spirits a bit from the cold dark Winter day in Sweden. The owner Wendy Heijne sat down and talked to me about her brand and the concept behind creating it over a warm coffee. Wendy was born in the Netherlands but moved to Sweden when she got a job in the fashion industry in Stockholm. After having her two children and losing a close family member she realised time was precious and decided to follow her dream of having her own fashion brand which was also customisable for her clients.

Wendy feels you are the expert on your style and your needs. Of course you like to get inspiration and ideas, but in the end you have the last say. By being part of the design process you can create something which is 100% your style and fits you perfectly. She is convinced that those possibilities also add an additional, unique value to the garment that will guarantee a longer lifetime.

Studio Heijne's Philosophy

Studio Heijne's philosophy is based on the following pillars:

• Co-creation: We are confident that our products will be better when they are created together with you!

• Production on demand: We see production closely linked to demand as an important key to contribute to a sustainable society. The model leads to minimal waste and eliminates overproduction.

• Creativity: We want to share the fun to create and wear a personal product. Studio Heijne stands for creative design, innovative solutions and products with a signature.

• Quality: We always strive to deliver the highest quality. This applies to our total offering from product to packaging and service.

My Custom Silk Dress

I loved the idea of being able to customise the clothing designs at Studio Heijne. Often I see an item of clothing I like style wise but the colour doesn't always suit my skin or hair type. I tend to say to myself  'Oh, I wish this was in blue instead' or 'If only it was shorter, had sleeves... ' etc. Well, here at Studio Heijne that's not a problem and you can even customise your order online. I had my measurements taken by Wendy and an account created on her site which saved my measurements. This makes it so much easier the next time I want to order a dress, no trying to measure my own leg length any more! I picked out a beautiful silk dress and customised the sleeves a little. Two weeks later I'm unwrapping the dress at home. I can't wait to wear it on holiday later this month. You will see some photos soon on my Instagram account

Studio Heijne's website takes you through how to take your own measurements at home. Wendy is also on hand if you have any questions or design queries. I hope you get a bit more creative this year and start customising your wardrobe!

Wendy designs all the clothing and options for customisation and the items are made by a small group of professional seamstresses in Lithuania. 

So, if you are trying to stay away from fast fashion and want something that you can customise to your own style and shape then why not check out Studio Heijne's website and Instagram @studioheijne . And if you are visiting Stockholm, be sure to take a visit to their lovely store!

Have a great week!


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