Art Battle Amsterdam: Europe's First Live Art Battle

Art Battle Amsterdam

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the first Art Battle in Amsterdam. The event was hosted at Pllek by the owners of Sweet Bob's Amsterdam. This was a tournament that showcased the best in live painting. You move art and art moves you! Artists had 20 minutes to take their canvases from blank to beautiful and the audience votes to pick the winner. There were three rounds, two heats and one final. Two artists from each heat progressed to the final, where again the artists were given 20 minutes to produce their best work. It was an exciting final with some showmanship from one of the artists which kept the crowd entertained. Then came the final vote. My vote went to Bruno Portella, a Brazilian artist who produced a portrait which was based on a picture he came across whilst in the Van Gough museum in Amsterdam, however I was also impressed by the work of Jon-Paul Hoppe, a fellow Brit based here in Amsterdam.

The competition was a close one and I could tell from the crowd that all of the finalists had captured their attention. The host and DJ were also great at keeping the event fun and exciting. I can't wait for the next edition of Art Battle Amsterdam, hopefully we will have the next date soon!