Bruno Portella: Winner Of The First Art Battle Amsterdam

Bruno Portella Artist

Art All The Way From Brazil

Let me introduce you to this amazing artist Bruno Portella. I was lucky enough to view him painting live at Amsterdam's first Art Battle competition. If you haven't heard of these events (they are big in the US and Canada and now expanding into Europe) they are live art events where competitors have 20 minutes to create a painting, all using the same painting materials and the crowd then vote on who should progress to the final and ultimately the competitions winner. During the live art event a silent auction takes place, where bidding starts from 50 euros. It's so amazing to watch the artists create their picture in such a short space of time and it must be very difficult. Bruno was the winner of the fist Art Battle Amsterdam and I was lucky enough to meet him at an after party a couple of days later to chat with him about his art. 

About Bruno

Bruno is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and travelled to Amsterdam for the competition and other work events. He produces very detailed, brightly coloured images of animals and people and has a skill at capturing the personality and emotion of the characters. Bruno is also a bit of a character himself, very serious while painting but extremely fun and animated once the competition pressure is off. I was even lucky enough to be presented with a study done by Bruno of the picture he completed during the final of the Art Battle. I cant wait to get it hung up on my wall! If you want to see more of Bruno's artwork please check out his Instagram page @portmanilustra

Art Battle Amsterdam

This Art Battle initiative from New York has existed since 2001, and it has already taken place in over 75 cities around the world.The next Art Battle Amsterdam is September 17th from 18:00 to 23:00 at Pllek. To get your ticket for the event click here or you can find them on Biletto. Check out the video below to see more about the Art Battle concept. The event is hosted by the owners of Sweet Bob's Amsterdam and there is music and drinks available for your enjoyment. See you there!