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Marcel's Green Soap

My Green Home

A few months back I came across this Dutch brand selling soaps and household cleaners. I had been looking for some new green cleaning products here in the Netherlands. So far I have tried the hand soap, washing up liquid and general all-purpose spray cleaner. I love the fresh smell and fact that I'm not harming my body with any toxic chemicals or artificial scents. Recently I have found that I have become more sensitive to artificial fragrances (not that I've ever used many at home) but places like duty free shops selling perfumes and department store beauty sections tend to see me hurrying past holding my breath whilst trying to not look suspicious!

About Marcel's Green Soap

 Marcel's Green Soaps is a new Dutch durable cleaning brand. The ingredients are 100% natural and 99% biodegradable. The smells are delicious and surprising. All based on nature, herbs, flowers and fruits. The products also do what they promise, cleaning. I am already a fan of this new brand!

  • Full of vegetable soaps, natural oils and animal-proof. 
  • Do not contain dyes, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. 
  • 100% natural, 99% biodegradable.

How To Get Hold of Marcel's Green Household Cleaners

Marcel's sell in a variety of natural stores such as the Eko Plaza and online. Why not try some of their products and see what your think? I'm sure your body and home would appreciate it. Marcel's Green Soap is the first brand in the Netherlands that only 100% recycled plastic is used for its packaging. Purchasing Marcel's products helps you to stop the huge production of plastic waste. Next I will be trying the dishwasher tablets.....