Review: LAYLAH, The New Stylish Restaurant And Lounge Bar In Ibiza.


Ibiza Weekend Treats

Recently I hopped on a plane last minute and spend the weekend in Ibiza. As it was my first time on the island, I decided to do some investigating as to great places to eat and have a casual drink. As I’m not into the party life that Ibiza is famous for, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my kind of place. But…thankfully I stumbled across this amazing restaurant/bar in the Talamanca area of Ibiza. It only recently opened in the last few weeks, but I can tell it’s going to be a super popular destination for some great quality food, music and pre-party drinks.

LAYLAH means ‘Angel of the Night’ and the interior design creates the feeling of intimacy and warmth with its contemporary design and mood lighting. With live DJ’s playing, signature cocktails, attentive service and a variety of indoor/outdoor seating, their is space for everyone. Children and pets are welcome and I was happy to see a very well designed wheelchair accessible bathroom (sorry that’s my physio brain) as well as clean and sophisticated spacious toilet cubicles.

The Food

Roasted eggplant, almonds and Greek yoghurt.

Roasted cauliflower served with zesty tahini and green chilli.

Tuna Tartar on a rice puff, chilli aioli.

Endives, herb tabouleh raisins and roasted pecans

Sea Bass ceviche with cucumber and aioli

Patagonian calamari with broccolini and chilli and shallot vinegar.

Chicken shawarma, tahini and tomato salsa

Coral Aperol

Surprise Dessert!!!

The food all tasted amazing and was quick to be served. All dishes were great for sharing so you can get a taste of everything. My favourites were the roast cauliflower, tuna tartare and the dessert. All the cocktails were delicious, not overly sweet like many cocktails and made with high quality ingredients. There were so many choices as well! The staff were great and really open and friendly which made for a great relaxed environment (especially loved our host Uki who did an amazing job explaining the menu and a

So, if you are heading to Ibiza this summer, make sure you check out LAYLAH for some food and pre-party drinks. Check their Instagram @laylah.ibz for info on DJ’s playing and amazing food and cocktails available!

Have a great Summer!