Oslo World Music Festival 2017

Oslo World 2017

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Oslo World Music Festival 2017. I had a great time listening to lectures and attended the Bonga concert which was lots of fun. Bonga is famous for his hit 'Angola' which was released in 1972 (well before my time...).

In a sense Bonga has always been an elder. Even as the semba singer debuted with “Angola 72” at the end of his 20s he sounded world-weary, as if several lifetimes of disappointments had sunk into his voice. Bonga’s rusty voice added more weight to his protest songs – “Mona Ki Ngi Xica” is a particularly heartbreaking rebuke of the totalitarian Portuguese colonial masters.

'Bonga’s music is consistently characterised by this kind of openness: He observes the world ruthlessly, but with great affection and empathy. Few things are as strong expressions of wisdom as the ability to do just that. In Europe we often see the elderly as a burden, while they’re regarded as a resource in Africa – a fountain of wisdom, so to speak. Bonga still has plenty to teach the world'.

Maybe you might think of attending the event next year, and maybe I will be there too!