Helen Turner Holistic Health Coach

Advertising & Sponsorship

Helen Turner is a British born, Amsterdam based Health and Wellness Consultant with a majority female following of professional women. She writes and posts about a wide range of healthy living topics including; slow fashion, healthy eating, mindfulness, exercise and creating a natural, organic home. 

She has over 16k Instagram followers and more than 20k total social following through her combined social media accounts. She blogs regularly about the brands she uses in her own daily life and is very selective as to which brands suit her audience. She also guest writes for other healthy living and travel websites. Recently she was feature in Harpers Bazaar Netherlands about her Facial Acupuncture treatments.

There are also a small number of advertising spaces available on If you would like to advertise your brand please send your request to the contact email below.

If you think your brand would be a good fit for working with Helen please send and email to: info(at)helenturnerhealth(dot)com and lets talk!



A selection of the brands Helen has worked with: